Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Drifter Wars/A Note

Just a note.... I've always been about history and a most of you know
or may not know history is the key to most things in understanding man 
his life and accomplishments on the planet.

yet there are those out there who pervert and publish misinformation
for one reason or the other which brings me to the history of The Drifters.

My goal is to try and bring you the facts as they present themselves
past, present, and future to set the record straight on the the continued
controversy around the 60yr old organization.

This is why in part I started The Drifter Wars series and have decided to
enter this on going debate.

It is quite sad after all these years the prostitution of The Drifters name
goes on by would be wannabes, uninformed writers, promoters, agents
and all those who simply just want to capitalize on the name with out
regard for the true people who made it happen over the years.

One thing for sure I'm here to talk about you and that I will do.
So be warned!

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