Saturday, November 12, 2011

O.W.S. On The Move (A Spiritual Debate)

Though the O.W.S. (Occupy Wall Street) movement has been going on for
sometime now there have been some interesting questions that have been
aired among the many participants in  Zuccotti Park.

One noted observation was a sign that a protester had over his head which
read "Why Aren't There More Black People here" ? To answer a portion
of this, it was noted a black man not to far away from the man with the
sign was having a heated debate with a number of white men over his
selling of buttons which on observation depicted images of Nubian

The issue at hand was his selling to make a profit which seemed to not
go down to well with the men who were standing around him.

Now as you walk around Zuccoti Park you can't help but note the number
of venders who are selling there wares and the majority of these folk
are white Caucasian  males with some blacks sprinkled in between.

This movement non the less is about the spirit at hand. The less fortunate
the 99% who have come together to air there grievances  in relation to
the 1% who control the wealth of the world.

This 1% are the Barons and families who since the birth of this nation
controlled the wealth of the land through forced labor on plantations
in and around ports such as Massachusetts bay colony and New York
where African slave were brought and sold.

Thus Wall Street is a burial ground and the spirits of these slaves still walk
among us.

You be the judge if you so dare!  The African American spiritual position
is alive and well........

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