Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OWS On The Move (Mayoral Mess)

Thursday November 17 is promised to be a day of massive disruption here in NY
as OWS protesters promise to avenge a federal ruling which overturned yesterdays
decision by Supreme Justice Lucy Billings to allow them back into Zuccotti park with there 
tents and other property.

For a period of time Justice Billings while coming up the ranks as a lawyer worked for the
ACLU (Civil Liberties Union) and has been sympathetic to such causes in the past.

It is know that the ACLU has been thorn in the cities side over first amendment issues.

The city has been hard pressed to win first amendment issues going back to the Mayor
Giuliani era.

The city regulates it's streets in and around it's Health and Safety statutes.

After short legal wrangling the city won it's move to keep the protesters from returning
as before when Justice Michael Stallman overruled order allowing use of tents.

In the end Justice Stallman  found the rules against the accumulation of garbage and
human waste in public places were in his words reasonable.

In court papers the city said the park had become overcrowded and a cesspool
rife with trash, fire hazards and crime which is questionable if you had ever visited
the occupation area.

It's also noted by protest lawyer Alan Levine the rules of no camping were imposed
after the protest began so they are invalid.

Much of the discrepences were being corrected when the city decided to move in
with there strong arm tactics as city officials were looking at a race against the clock
all politically motivated.

The fact if the mayor was running for office such as the presidency this might
have been a different outcome. He had nothing to loose by making the move
he decided on.

It's further noted that Mayor Bloomberg had been in constant contact with
Brookfield Properties considering the mayor's girl friend, Diane Taylor
sits on the board of the real estates giant which owns Zuccotti.

The Park is also named after former deputy mayor John Zuccotti who's
Brookfields chairman of the board.

As it currently looks this is a major mess for all parties involved as the protest
will surely go on into the future with no end in site.....

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