Thursday, April 21, 2011


At a time when when life in America was a harsh reality
do to gross poverty, racism, educational and work
opportunities were all but a small footnote in the life of the
average African American. Television was one of the
only escapes from the many social evils drugs, alcoholism,
prison and death...
Ironic in 50 years how times have changed and yet there is
still a deficit in education on the whole as the average
black American spends more than 7 hours in front of the
television, 2 hours over the national average rate of 5 hours
and 11 minutes, and just shy of four hours per day more
than the average Asian who clocks in at 3 hours 14 minutes
of TV viewing. What the math points to is 50 hours of TV
weekly and 200 hours a month.
A drain on the brain as content is for the most part dictated
by overwhelming commercial appeal, and not by the qualities
of ideas.Kids today seem to be heading toward a zombie illusion
zone where there is nothing worth learning.
Some would say this is by design as the media racks up dollars
in it's quest for advertising revenue. For sure much time and
money is directed towards the study of the social habits
and behaviors of the African American communities as well as
any other community but owing to the African American acute
attraction to trends and fads this can lead to an alarming
destruction within the social structure as a whole.
Yes many of us and very vocally point to the state of our
still separate and unequal public education system which
is in need of much improving, but there is much that we
can do in the home to balance out this deficit of learning.


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