Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lady Gaga
Saturday the 16th April........

Here chilling in Starbucks listening to Whitney Houston's "Call me Tonight" from the Album "I Look To You". What a great song! It's just what I needed to
get through this wet and dreary night in New York's big apple.

Yes I'm a big Whitney Houston fan, and must admit I'm in love with this woman's voice. Trust me when Whitney sings, she knows what she is singing about.

On another note as you know the Drifters are back in the charts after 35yrs.
The new lads in Europe are currently holding at #12 on the official UK chart and with a little luck they will move up a notch in the coming week.

Most of you know the group has gone through some personnel changes, like what's new with the Drifters! that's been part of of it style since it's inception.

Spoke to Reese Cannon the other day, he's doing well for you UK fans who miss
him in the groups lineup. What of the Legends? that is the Drifters Legends myself and the guys speak frequently with each other and currently planning on getting together in the coming weeks to discuss music matters...... For updates you can log in here at Corner Talk Report or jump over to the Legends page over on Facebook.

The Drifters official web site over all keeps things in perspective. The address there

Rolling Stones recent special collectors edition has named The Drifters in the 100 greatest artist of all times category.

In other news Actor Samuel L. Jackson is gearing up to play the role of Martin
Luther King here on Broadway.
He's played many memorable characters on screen, but now Samuel L. Jackson will portray a legend on stage.

It has been noted that Lady Gaga lately has been looking a little different but the pop superstar wants to let everyone know it's not because of any plastic surgery.

The Bieber has called it quits for a little while as far as Twitterverse goes.
The young star says he needs a little time to him self. It seems the social network has taken it's tole on him for the moment.....

Well that's it! need to get out of here and go and check out the movie scene. Will let you know what's looking promising in the coming weeks......


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