Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drifter Wars "Dark Forces"

The entertainment industry has many abnormalities as pertaining to some of the practices that abide within. Though Nothing more unscrupulous than some the players in this high stake game for money and power. The ongoing Drifter Wars continue to reveal the lengths at which people will go for the treasures that are at stake for the winners. Currently, the global proliferation of Drifter shows has risen to a feverous level of participants from every quarter. The rise in tribute acts and outright pirate operation has for the most part completely swamped the legitimate acts in the marketplace. Who would even believe that the lengths that some of these acts and their handlers would even extend to The US White house Yes! the white house and the then President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hilary Clinton were entertained at their inaugural ball by these fraudulent operations. Recently a new promotional video showed up on youtube advertising the 2015 US tour of the Drifters. It reports legitimate members are back in the saddle with a series of clips showing past shows including that of performances to the US President, all by bogus Drifter groups with a couple of legitimate member clips thrown in between. This video seems to be in direct response to the Treadwell / PMG video advertising the 2015 Drifter rebranding tour which was just launch in the UK. This charade of bold declaration and use of the trademark name hovers with the order of Dark Forces behind the scene of front men and smoke and mirrors to disguise the culprits. We will be monitoring this recent development and report the findings as they surface.


For all the latest information log into The Drifters Legends History, Music and Photographic Legacy by Butch Leake

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