Friday, August 9, 2013

"Anthology" The Drifters Legends

"Anthology" The Drifter Legends is currently in the finishing stages written and compiled by Butch Leake and chronicles the history through photo's and text of The Legendary Organization. Much of this book is from an insiders perspective and gives information that only one who has hands on knowledge can deliver. Though much of The Drifters history has been covered by many fine writers over the years here we try and highlight the controversies and facts which for the most part the public has not been privy too through it's members, court records and document etc. to give a more concise understanding of the facts that made the brand what it is then and now. In saying all this! I have lived with The Drifters for a better part of my life through some great times and also through some tumultuous periods. I do consider the years of my tenure a proud time of my life and though being critical of the organization where need be, I think it has to be that way to balance the understanding historically. After 60 years of hits, 214 million singles 114 million albums sold an incredible track record despite a succession of personnel changes and diverse groups. The Drifters are one of the longest running success stories in music history. We here at DLegends continue to carry on in the tradition that made the group in what it was in the past on unto today. Note the official Drifters who under The Drifters Brand and PMG management UK continue to perform for much of a new and younger generation today. DLegends is the historical foundation of the brand and the link back to it's earlier years from the Bell/Arista Record period in the 70's back to the middle and early Atlantic Record era of 1953.


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