Thursday, May 30, 2013

Butch Leake/The Journey

It's a great feeling to stop and reflect in this moment in time on a journey that has taken me from my early childhood days through wars and conflicts such as Vietnam on into my wonderful music years with the Drifters. Obviously the crown jewel is to be able to write about all of this and there is a lot of gratification in being able to do so. Someone asked me the other day will you ever get tired of this Drifter thing as it seems forever to be plagued with problems as it has been since the start. My answer to that! "Was the show must go on" The Drifters has been major part of my life for some decades now and I do feel at this time that I am qualified in what I might call for a lack of a better word in Drifter-tolgy. I saw many years ago the vision that I am living today. Call it what you like premonition etc. the cards are falling just as I predicted it would and yes it gives me an advantage in moving forward way ahead of scheduled events. On the Legends project we are still moving ahead as we began some years ago. Though there were some setbacks related to politics and conflict of interest issues I myself will never let it die. It's a multi-facet project with many directions to it. I enjoy the challenge that it brings as I clearly see through to the end of the tunnel. The biggest problem as always in these things is getting everyone on the same page in hope that they see things as you do. I've been known to make what people may say is impossible "Possible". Moving on into the future I am close to finishing the book "Anthology" The Drifters Legends and have started a new book titled The Drifters Legends Controversies & Facts. Photographic sessions are currently being scheduled for all of the Legends and I have just finished one session with Drifters Legend Rick Sheppard. I'm in the studio with my team of photographers on a session around myself and then I'm heading out to Photograph DLegends Clyde Brown and Joe Blunt in the coming months all for the book and other Legends projects that are in the wings. I do thank all of those who have giving there support thus far and also those who haven't been so forth coming.  I still love you! but as I said earlier The Show must go on".

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