Thursday, February 28, 2013


Legend has it that the highest degree one can attain particularly
in it's spiritual sense are three.

A perfect number in all sense of the word three represents a
Trilogy of profound understanding depending on it's interpretation.

In the realm of spiritual matters  you can see it as three stations of
understanding that man must gain for his perfection.

That is knowledge of self on the plane of man, knowledge of
beings on the plane of angelic host and knowledge of the plane
of the creative source.

The history of Trilogy dates back to ancient times and can be seen
in such as the Dionysian festivals of ancient Greece. For example
a trilogies of plays were performed followed by a fourth satyr

In ancient India an early example of trilogy includes the epic
Mahabharata which originally consisted of three portions.

In definition a Trilogy are three works of art connected and can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works.

They are commonly found in literature and film etc.

Three part works that are considered part of a larger body of work also exist in visual arts and music.

Ironic the history of The legendary musical group The Drifters also has three components so to speak as part of it's golden decade which came about in the 70s.

DLegends are the last remnant of that golden era.

Now in 2013 three members of the original Bell/Arista recording artist have now geared up for a return to the stage under new direction and are headed into the recording studio in hope of hitting the music charts once again.

The artist are now in dialogue with top Grammy Award music producers and writers in search of material for a forth coming single and video.
A new day as I have pointed out in a recent interview! 
we are entertainers and entertainers need to do what they do
best and that's entertain. For so long we have sat idle on our God given talents and it's
time that we take charge and shape what's left our future in this business of music.

The Drifters has been a major part of our lives and will continue historically for decades
to come. Today their are only one official Drifters group that we recognize out there and
that's the Treadwell/PMG group now being promoted in Europe. We will always 
acknowledge all the legendary men who came through the lineup over the years         for without them there would be no history. We give thanks to all who have made       it possible for us to be where we are today and those
who will help us move into the future. We will continue work with anyone who           legitimately wants to work with us.


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