Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Drifter Wars/Goodwill

For the record it's quite disturbing this claim that those
who continue to contend for right to use the Drifters mark
make accusations against ligitimate members who have more rights
under the brand then them.

They tend to challenge through what they call the goodwill
which they report to bring by way of the goods and services
and reputation in the market place.

Obviously for the most part I'm speaking of Managers, agents
those with proprietary interest in the name.

It is particularly the above who have claimed in the past that
the singers who have become the faces of the brand had nothing
to do with it's establishment.

It's no mystery that the nature of trademark is in it's use and
continued use in commerce.

This in fact is the key in establishing the ownership.

The Drifters as an entity has never ceased in commerce since it's
conception no matter who claimed ownership.

What ever form it took, that of record sales, merchandizing, use
of it's name by members etc. it has continued on as an entity til
this day.

The real goodwill in the Drifters service mark is owned by all
who have contributed to it's success living or dead for our
names and likeness continue to hold it up as an viable brand.

An intangible asset which provides a competitive advantage
such as a strong brand, reputation, or high employee morale.
In an acquisition, goodwill appears on the balance sheet
of the acquirer in the amount by which the purchase price
exceeds the net tangible assets of the acquired company.

The Drifters at this stage in history is an institution which is
larger than any current entity that seeks rights in ownership.

It's goodwill an service is beyond any market value one
might attache to it.

Yet it can be measured by what positiveness it brings to
history and musical culture.

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