Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who's Who's on Drifters Exploitation

Trust me the list is long. Yet those who have any knowledge of the history
of this musical institution can tell you everyone is in the game on making
money on the Drifters trademark.

They know who they are from pirate groups, former group members, agents
and promoters all compete for this lucrative mark.

Management many years ago started the trend on what was to be a sad story
in the history of the this most notable musical group.

Leaving all of it's members for the most part broke and with no recognition 
no work for all the time served in establishing the name.

Exploitation is the name of the game and it continues in this day and time.

Amazing the wanabees that are around. Just the other day standing in Port
Authority New York listening to a conversation of some individuals particularly
from one who claimed to sing with the group for a number of years even claiming
his performance on songs out of the 60s. What a joke when I inquired about his 
claims and his subsequent tirade I new nothing about Drifters history.

Let's dont for get some of the commentators and writers of the history who truly
have a distorted understanding of this Drifters Brand which has been a Brand
since the day management acquired the name from Clyde McPhatter  back
in the early 50s.

The stupidity of those who think the group was no more after the 50s period or
the 60s and that of the 70s and it's members who claim to be the last living
Drifter. Maybe for there era, granted, but not for the Brand. That continues and
will continue into the future.

Butch Leake  for (CORNER TALK REPORT)

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