Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Drifters & The Drifters Legends on the Road

Well how are you guys out there sorry for being away for
so long. Been busy restructuring my online activities...

This writing begins my series of articles titled
The Drifters & The Drifters Legends on the Road.

In any respect many of you out there have been asking
me what is the on going situation with the Drifters Legends
as far as debut and up and coming tour dates.

Well it looks as if 2012 will be the launch period for Legends
tours. That will be kick off with a tour with the current lineup
of Drifters..... Which will repeat the success of the London
02 Arena show back in 2009.

There had been speculation that The Original Recording Artist
The Drifters Legends were coming to Las Vegas this year but
as of date that has been put on hold until political issues are
resolved, well that's the way things go in show business sometime.

A bit of good news as of this blog the CD Album "up On The Roof"
The Very Best of The Drifters has gone gold and has remained 14
weeks on the chart...

Recently myself and the rest of the Legends group have been
discussing strategies for the future to include New Photo sessions
and public relation options. So you should see more activity from
us soon...

As far as the official Drifter group in Europe they continue to perform
to sellout audiences throughout the UK and have worked hard at promoting
the current CD Album. For more on the great work they are doing log
into facebook and visit there page. You also can log into the official drifters
website at

Here in the US the pirate groups continue to do there thing so what you
see is not what you get at the best. We will continue to expose those who
claim to be and are not.

Above a mini documentary outlining where things are to date and some
of the plans for 2012 presented by Treadwell & PMG (Prism Music Group)
Produced by Bomark Studios UK.

Don't forget you can log into C.T.R. Network information for other news
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