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Both Egyptian and Sumerian/Babylonian cultures were star gazers,astrologer, Mystic and priest etc. There cultures were based on the study of nature and the order of the heavens. These observations went on for thousands of years much longer than what modern science and today's organized religious bodies would like to reveal..

So the phrase as you might read in these text: (as above so below, On earth as in heaven) there culture,edifices, temples, monument, pyramids etc. embodied the reflection of the natural order of things....

The people who fashioned both the old testament and The Koran were the Hyksos Shepherd Kings pharaohs who lived in the delta area of Egypt in and around the 18th dynasty under the pharaoh Akhenaton who started monotheism...These were your so called Jews of the bible who came out of Egyptian captivity. They migrated to both the Sinai region and into Yemen. These people were the authors of both eventual text....

For the most part there is no real record that there was any migration of people under the tyranny of pharaoh that fit a true time line under the biblical record reported in the bible.

According to historians, Egyptologists place the exodus at the time of Ramesses II (c. 1280 BC),
which is some 400 years later than the era which Jacob decribes..

There is very persuasive arguments that the biblical Moses was, in fact the Egyptian pharaoh

Akhenaton reign was still 300 years later than the reign of pharaoh Jacob..

In looking at the era of Jacob we can see there is a documented historical biblical exodus,
but also a documented Hyksos exodus from Egypt... A very large event with some 24,000
families fleeing Egypt according to the historian Manetho who gave one of the most accurate
records of the Egyptian dynastic kings list...

Genesis of which most think is the creation of the heavens and earth story is really "the coming forth by day" wrongly call the Egyptian Book Of the Dead.

It is the story which depics the rising of the (Sun) not the (Son) that Christians try to propagate which the Egyptian observed daily.

This rising of the Sun is the central mystery in all what you read in these text that they try to hide.... It was the Egyptians and Sumerian/Babylonian who invented the calendar based on the Zodiac the 12 houses in astrology.... So the symbolism of the 12 deciples that you see in the Jesus stories and much more throughout both the old and new testament, Koran and many of the other religious text weather in India, China etc....

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time born, and a time to die; a time to plant and time to pluck up what is planted,,,(Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)

The Gnostics knew the allegorical and astrotheological nature of the life of Christ" as admitted by Christian father Irenaeus which was at the root of their denial of the "historical" Christ Irenaeus said:

"The Gnostic truly declared that all the supernatural transactions asserted in the gospels were counterparts of what took place above." The bible is the greatest astrological/astronomical text and story ever told. The worship of the Creators heaven.....


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