Monday, March 29, 2010


The Question? Where were they during the eight years of the George Bush
Cheney administration.

Where was all the righteousness and patriotism during this period.

Or was it that the country was during so good that there was no need
for this Tea Party activism, but now they have convinced themselves that
President Obama who must be stopped at all cost didn't just inherit this
America and all it's problems but created it.

This has nothing to do with political dissent but smells only of bigotry, hate
mongering and a form of Nazism.

Sarah Palin on Twitter in her outrageous statement "Commonsense
Conservatives & Lovers of America Don't Retreat, Instead-Reload"

So it seems according to her anyone on the other side of the debate of health
care is not such a good American as she is...

Then there are the Republican strategist who speak on the issue as if
they are the voice for the whole of the country.

Unfortunately for the public who listen to this smut that is being peddled
and can't discern the issues and are lead like cattle, corralled in this illusion
of political smoke and mirrors is another sad day in the history of this nation.

When is it that a health care bill becomes unconstitutional? when poor people
have the right to the same care that wealthy Americans have for so long enjoyed
and had a monopoly on.

What of Palin, this so called political Pit Bull the fighter of our American cause
who left her job as Governor of Alaska, obviously seeing there is money to be
made ranting her anti health care and European socialism nonsense.

This president has taken more flak in one year of his presidency than all
of the men who have held that office over the pass sixteen year.

Yet they dare try to drag us back to the dark days of racial poison which has for
so long been the thread of fabric in this country.....

No thank you..... I look forward to the change


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